M.I.N.T – Men In Need Together

Battling Mens Mental Health

Due to our successful we are now pushing to help men on a much larger scale with many partnerships with the likes of White Rose Shopping Centre and Alliance Technology Transport to name a few which allows us to speak with men in an environment which can cause the most damage especially in certain industries such as transport and travel.

We are a Mental Health organisation here to help individuals, groups and companies battle mental health issues and reduce/prevent suicide in men via a plethora of different exercises. MINT started out as a small support group in the area of Leeds in 2018 however organically we have now grown into much more than this and now provide help on an individual basis and within companies.

Individual Counselling

We now provide 1-1 counselling sessions to individuals who need it. We use money raised to off-set this cost so we can charge at a much lower rate than private practices and have much shorter waiting lists than the NHS

Group Support

We provide group support for individuals and companies. We have 3 group session running on a weekly basis at the moment for men to join on an evening for free to help create a support network with each other to enhance stability and growth. we also provide group sessions for employers to enable employee’s to realise they are not alone and to give them somewhere to go when they feel alone.

Progression and Evaluation

Progression and Evaluation plays a huge role in what we do here at MINT for employers. Without this we cannot gage what we are doing right and how we are helping the men that come to see us. We provide monthly progression reports to enable employers to aid their employee’s on a weekly basis and evaluations every 6 months to compare where they were and where they are now in their recovery process.

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